aikiForest Aikido — SA Judo

A premier provider of Aikido programmes & enrichment for preschoolers & children in Singapore, aikiForest is the brainchild of passionate individuals who practice Aikido as a way of life and desire to share its benefits with others. Its popularity stems from its creative interpretation of Aikido from its traditional format, making it understandable and engaging for children.

An educational powerhouse in contemporary Aikido, 80% of the coaches are full-time professional Aikido teachers, unlike other schools where the teaching staff are mainly made up of volunteer coaches with day jobs.

aikiForest is officially recognised by the Aikido World Headquarters and is an affiliate of Aikido Shinju-kai, one of the biggest Aikido schools in Singapore. Philip Lee Sensei (6th Dan), Chief Instructor of Aikido Shinju-kai, serves as the school’s Technical Director.


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