Shudokan Karate — SA Judo

Shudokan Karate is started by two highly experienced coaches and former competitors, Sensei Teng Tiak Meng and Sensei Seah Kwang Soon. The school strives to motivate and inspire individuals with the art of Karate, through a holistic learning environment that imparts the values of humility, respect and discipline.

Holding a 5th Dan from World Shitoryu Karate Federation, Sensei Teng has been doing Karate since 1980 and had participated in numerous local and overseas tournaments. He has a two decade long experience in teaching Karate to students across different age groups.

Sensei Seah is a former National Team Coach and holds a 6th Dan from the World Shitoryu Karate Federation. After retiring from being a national athlete, he started coaching to impart karate to the younger generation.

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