Testimonials — SA Judo

I totally loved the place, filled with ferocious and serious judo players that practise traditional Japanese-styled Judo in Singapore. Sunday recreational class the coaches are super patient and approachable, suitable for anyone who would wish to learn Judo for exercising, self-defense and joy!

Che Jian

I am absolutely in awe of how the club emphasizes on promoting martial arts and the values behind these. Coaches are extremely helpful and friendly. Not only that, the centre also has different classes catered to fulfil each individual’s needs!

Jesmine Chew

This club is like a second home to me. All the coaches and members here are very friendly and kind which makes it easy for all to integrate into the club! I’m really glad to have joined this club in the beginning.

Zhou Yujie

I was visiting Singapore last week, and my greatest memories from this trip will be SA Judo Club- amazing time, great place. Thank you so much for the warm hosting!!

Yevgeni Klushin