Women's Judo Class — SA Judo

Women’s Judo Class


Traditional Japanese-style Judo training designed for females only

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The Academy was started with the goal of making the benefits of Judo accessible to everyone, regardless of age and gender. Judo helps one build strength, flexibility, agility, speed, balance, and endurance, making it an all-rounded dynamic sport relative to others. Due to its combat nature, one develop faster reaction time and better coordination through the use of attack and defense. With regular training, we strive to help individuals achieve their own fitness goals regardless of their pace.

What to Expect

While this class has an emphasis on physical fitness and Judo techniques, students of this class can also expect to learn som self-defense techniques that can be applied to real-life situations. In comparison with the competitive classes, these classes have more emphasis on fundamentals and techniques are taught on a weekly basis. Beginners will be given special attention to learn the fundamentals of Judo, such as falling patterns (breakfalls) and basic throws, before being allowed to join the class proper to ensure a safe learning environment.

Females 13 years old and above may attend this class.

S A Budo Centre
  • Thursday
    7.30pm – 8.30pm
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